Christmas in the US

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Christmas in the US

arrow Listen I know different countries celebrate Christmas in different ways. I will provide an insight how Christmas is celebrated in the US.

arrow Listen Christmas is a time period of getting together with family and buying each other presents. Kids especially love Christmas because of all the toys they receive as gifts. Because of all the gift giving, shopping malls are jam packed for the whole month of December. It's really crazy in the mall with thousands of people buying gifts. It's even difficult finding a parking spot where on a normal day, it would be easy. So before Christmas comes along, many people are busy shopping.

arrow Listen During Christmas everyone gathers together and enjoys a relatively quiet evening with a good meal. Some people celebrate both Christmas Eve and Christmas day. For example, a family would spend Christmas Eve with one side of the family, such as the mother's side, and on Christmas day, they would spend the time on the father's side of the family.

arrow Listen There are many ways to exchange gifts. Some people buy a gift for each person. That means if they know 10 people, they would buy 10 presents. This can be quite expensive, so a popular way of exchanging gifts was created called the Secret Santa. If there are 10 people, then everyone would draw a name. You would only be responsible for buying this one person a gift. Everyone would have a different name and everyone would get only one gift. Usually, a monetary amount is declared to make it so everyone spends the same amount. During the gift exchange, the Secret Santa would give the gift to the person they were responsible for.

arrow Listen On top of the Secret Santa, a popular gift exchange called the White Elephant was created. White Elephant gift exchange is usually funny and inexpensive. Many groups do both Secret Santa and White Elephant. I'll explain a little about the White Elephant. Everyone brings a $20 gift. This figure can be different. If there are 10 people in the group, everyone would draw a number. All ten gifts are in the center. The person who got #1 would pick a gift and open it. #2 would then have the choice of stealing #1's gift if they like it, or they can open a new gift. This goes on until all the presents are gone. As you can see, the best number to have is #10. #10 has the option of taking anybody's present or taking the last present in the middle. If you have a gift that was stolen, then it is your turn again. You can steal from someone else, or you can select a gift from the middle. However, you can't steal from the person who stole from you on that turn. There are different rules, but I wanted to give everyone an idea of how White Elephant works.

arrow Listen In my family we do both Secret Santa and White Elephant. I have a group of friends, and we do the same thing. It is a fun way to exchange gifts without having to buy so many presents.

arrow Listen Besides presents, Christmas is a time period to rest and relax and be with friends and family. Most offices are closed on Christmas so everyone has a day off from work.

arrow Listen For Christians, Christmas is a time period to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Many people go to church and celebrate this wonderful day. Also, it is a time period to help poor people by donating food, clothes, and other items that poor people need on a daily basis.
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