Describing a Picture

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Describing a Picture

arrow Listen Cameras have come a long way. These days, digital cameras are more common than regular film cameras. Digital cameras are not as fun unless the pictures are printed out. That is why it is still fun taking pictures with a regular camera. You are forced to develop the film and you will have a whole stack of pictures to share with friends and family. Let's discuss some sentences you can say when you are looking at pictures.

arrow Listen When you want to show someone pictures, you can start the conversation by saying any of the following sentences:
'Do you want to see some pictures?'
'Do you want to look at my wedding photos?'
'I just got back from Hawaii. Do you want to see the pictures I took?'

arrow Listen While looking at pictures, you can use some descriptive words to explain the pictures. There are many ways to describe a picture. I can't cover them all, but I can at least give an example so you know what key phrases to use. Here are some examples:
'This picture was taken in front of the hotel.'
'We were sitting on the beach in this photo.'
'The sun was beautiful and made the background red.'
'The background image is the Statue of Liberty.'
'In this picture, we were in the middle of a popular shopping area.'
'We were taking a small break sitting on the bench under the big tree.'
'We took a picture of the dolphins while we were taking a cruise in a large boat.'
'This is my mom and dad in Times Square.'
'This is a picture of me and my brother standing on top of the mountain during a weekend hike.'

arrow Listen When you have pictures that didn't come out well, there are some things you can say to explain what happened. Let's take a quick look at some of these sentences:
'My friend Sammy shook too much so this picture came out blurry.'
'Tom always closes his eyes right when the picture is taken.'
'Sarah didn't focus properly so the background came out clear but we came out blurry.'

arrow Listen Another conversation topic is sharing information on the camera and where you got the film developed. Here are some sentences you can use:
'These pictures came out perfectly. What camera did you use?'
'I used a Nikon to take these pictures.'
'I used my digital camera and printed it out on my photo printer.'
'I just used a regular camera.'
'Where do you develop your pictures?'
'I go to Costco. They are so cheap.'
'I go to Walmart. It's just convenient because I go there once a week.'

And finally, thanks to f59 for suggesting this lesson. I hope this is what you were looking for.
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