Hair Salon Terminologies and Sentences

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Hair Salon Terminologies and Sentences

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I have never worked in a hair salon so I don't know all the jargons used. This is my attempt at trying to document what is said at the hair salon. I will provide common questions and answers for people both working in a hair salon and for people going to a hair salon.

'How would you like your hair cut today?'
'Can you cut a couple of inches everywhere?'
'I want the sides short, but leave the top a little longer.'

'Do you want it tapered?'
'Yes please.'
'Taper it just a little.'

'How short would you like it?'
'Can you use the number 2 clipper?'
'Not too short... maybe an inch everywhere.'

'How short do you want the back?'
'Up to the neck line is fine.'
'I'm growing out the back so just slight trim please.'

'How short do you want the sides?'
'Can you make the sides right above the ears?'
'I want the sides pretty short but not too short.'

'Would you like me to trim your sideburns?'
'I'm growing out my sideburns so clean it up a little but don't cut it off.'
'Half way down please. I don't want the hair line too high.'

'I'm going to thin your hair with thinning scissors.'
'I like thicker hair so please don't thin my hair.'
'Sure. Go ahead and thin it.'

Here are some other questions and sentences you might hear or use.

'Do you want this portion layered?'
'What kind of perm do you want?'
'A body perm will give you more volume'
'I can put different color streaks on the top here. Is that what you're looking for?'
You would look good with highlights. Are you interested in putting partial highlights to your hair?'
'We will need to bleach your hair before applying the dye.'

If you need more specifics and more sentences, I recommend going to a variety of different hair websites and read the content looking for more terminologies.
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