Dump - Breaking up

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'Dump' - Breaking up

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The first lesson will be on the word dump. Seeing how dump can mean several things, I thought it would be beneficial for people to know the most common way of using 'dump.'

Dump has many meanings. All of them are related to throwing something away. There are noun forms and verb forms. Here is a list of different meanings of dump.

'I dumped my record collection.' This means that I threw away all of my records.

'I had so much garbage in the garage, I had to go to the dump to get rid of everything.' This sentence is referring to a place. Dump is a place to throw away garbage.

But a very common way this word is used is when a person breaks up with another person. Basically, if I want to end a relationship, I would dump my girlfriend. Likewise, if my girlfriend wants to break up with me, she would dump me. Here are a couple of example sentences.

'Sarah was getting on my nerves. I ended up dumping her.'
'I feel so depressed. Samantha dumped me for another guy.'
'If you don't like him anymore, just dump him.'

Dump is a slang term meaning 'to break up.' Simply, you are throwing that person away.
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