Infinitives Part 2

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Infinitives 2

Commonly, an infinitive is used with the subject it. The sentence structure is "It is                      + infinitive..." It refers to the infinitive. This expression is used in many ways.
  • It is time to do math.
  • It is common to think that way.
  • It is appropriate to keep a low profile.
  • It was nice to see you.
  • It was my pleasure to meet you.
  • It was my honor to have dinner with you.
  • It is good to see you.
  • It was great to go on a trip with them.
Both gerunds and infinitive phrases can function as nouns, in a variety of ways. Gerunds and infinitives can follow certain verbs but not others. You need to remember which verbs can be followed by only a gerund or only an infinitive.

Verbs that can precede only gerunds:
consider, suggest, enjoy, deny, avoid, miss, mind, Practice English dialogues about, postpone, resist, finish, quit, give up, put off

Verbs that can precede only infinitives:
offer, decide, hope, attempt, promise, agree, afford, deserve, refuse, undertake, learn, fail, seem, appear, tend, pretend, choose, demand, desire, guarantee, claim, manage, determine, expect, want, wish

Verbs that can precede either gerunds or infinitives without changing meanings:

continue, like, love, begin, start, propose, neglect, stand, hate

Verbs that can precede either gerunds or infinitives but change meanings:

forget, remember, stop, try
  • I stopped watching the movie. (I no longer watched the movie.)
  • I stopped to watch the movie. (I stopped what I was doing to watch the movie.)

[Quiz 16.1]

Fill in the blanks.

1) I decided                      (leave) the job.
2) She pretended                      (know) me.
3) He desires                      (be) a professor.
4) The company considered                     (sell) its main building.
5) I expect                      (win) at this game.
6) Do you enjoy                      (take) care of your pet?
7) She hopes                      (go) on a vacation.
8) Did you fail                      (pass) the exam?
9) They want me                      (take) this position.
10) It is great                     (hear) that they agreed                      (share) the land.

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