#63 - Verbs Followed by Infinitives - English Grammar

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Verbs Followed by Infinitives

Infinitives are verbs combined with the word "to": to see, to run, to start, etc. You can follow verbs with infinitives. Sometimes the verb has to be in past tense for the sentence to make sense.

Verbs Followed by Infinitives

VerbInfinitiveVerb Followed by Infinitive Sentence
AgreeTo babysitLou agrees to babysit his cousin.
ArrangeTo stayMy parents arranged to stay at a hotel.
AskTo goRo asked to go home.
CareTo attendJosie doesn't care to attend the party.
ChooseTo wearMaria chooses to wear makeup.
ContinueTo watchThe kids continued to watch the movie.
DecideTo helpLarry decided to help his friend.
DeserveTo knowI deserve to know the truth.
FailTo getThey failed to get enough donations.
ForgetTo bringI forgot to bring my wallet.
HateTo cleanI hate to clean the bathroom.
HopeTo seeI hope to see her again.
LearnTo speakJane learned to speak another language.
LikeTo readI like to read in bed.
LoveTo playThe kids love to play in the water.
NeedTo studyI need to study for a test.
PlanTo travelWe plan to travel in the summer.
PromiseTo payI promise to call my mom.
RefuseTo leaveJoe refuses to leave.
RememberTo bringI remembered to bring my wallet.
SeemTo beShe seems to be bored.
StartTo tellShe started to tell a story.
TryTo changeMy mom tried to change the tire.

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