#94 - Quotation Marks - English Grammar

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Quotation Marks

Quotation marks are used when quoting someone's exact words. They are used in sentences with direct speech.

Quotation Marks

Direct speech also called quoted speech is said exactly how the speaker initially spoke his words. It is written with quotation marks to indicate the exact words that were used by the original speaker. Punctuation marks that come at the end of the quote always go inside the quotation marks.
  • He said, "I am not finished with the assignment."
  • "I want to break up with you," she told me.
  • She said, "I like candy."
  • "I am playing baseball," John said.
  • "Who are you talking to?" she asked.
  • My mom asked me, "What are you doing?"
  • My mom asked, "Have you eaten?"
  • Sally asked, "Can you ride a bike?"
  • John asked, "Is it raining?"
  • She screamed, "I hate you!"
  • "Surprise!" they shouted.

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