#65 - Present Real Conditionals - English Grammar

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Present Real Conditionals

Present real conditionals are also known as zero conditionals. The present real conditional expresses a cause or condition and effect or result type relationship. Present real conditionals indicate if or when this happens, that occurs.

Present Real Conditionals

Present real conditionals make conditional statements then show the result of such statements. Sentences use "if" or "when" to make a statement then express an end result. "If" or "when" can be used to start off a sentence or be used to join two clauses.

If/when + simple present clause (condition)Simple present clause (effect or result)
Simple present clause (effect or result)If/when + simple present clause (condition)

  • If you mix blue and yellow, you get green.
  • You get green if you mix blue and yellow.
  • If you don't water plants, they die.
  • Plants die if you don't water them.
  • When I go to parties, I bring a dessert.
  • I bring a dessert when I go to parties.
  • When it rains, I take the bus to work.
  • I take the bus to work when it rains.

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