#32 - Present Continuous (Present Progressive) - English Grammar

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Present Continuous (Present Progressive)

Present Continuous is used to express a continuing action. This verb form is used to show that something is happening or will be happening very soon. They are used with active action words in the form of present participles ending in "-ing". They are used with "be" verbs. To form the present continuous, use the "be verb + verb + -ing".

Present Continuous - Basic Form

For verbs ending in a consonant, just add "-ing" to the end of the verb.
  • I am walking to school.
  • He is walking to school.
  • She is speaking Spanish.
  • They are speaking Spanish.
  • The children are playing in the park.
  • The child is playing in the park.

Present Continuous for Verbs Ending in Vowels

Some verbs require modification before "-ing" can be added.

Verb ending in consonant + "e", delete the "e" then add "-ing".
  • bake --> baking
  • write --> writing

Verb ending in "-ee" or "-o", add "-ing". No modification.
  • see --> seeing
  • go --> going

Verb ending in "-ie", "-ie" changes to "y", then add "-ing".
  • tie --> tying
  • lie --> lying

  • I am baking a cake.
  • He is writing an essay.
  • I am seeing double.
  • We are going to the movies.
  • She is tying her shoelaces.
  • He is lying to us.

Present Continuous for Verbs Ending in Short Vowel + Consonant

Some verbs require modification before "-ing" can be added.

Single syllable: double the last consonant, then add "-ing".
  • sit --> sitting
  • shop --> shopping

Two syllables, first syllable stressed: add "-ing". No modification.
  • visit --> visiting
  • happen --> happening

Two syllables, second syllable stressed: double the last consonant, then add "-ing".
  • begin --> beginning

  • He is sitting alone.
  • She is shopping for clothes.
  • They are visiting from Seattle.
  • It is happening right now.
  • It is beginning to rain.

Negative Present Continuous

The negative present continuous tells about things that are not currently happening or will not happen in the near future. To make the negative present continuous, use "be verb + not + present participle".
  • I am not eating pizza for dinner.
  • We are not playing soccer today.
  • He is not studying.
  • She is not going to school.
  • They are not walking to school today.

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