#92 - Prepositional Phrases #2 - English Grammar

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Prepositional Phrases #2

Prepositional phrases consist of two basic parts: the preposition and the object. The object can be a noun, pronoun, or gerund. In prepositional phrases, prepositions are almost always followed by an object. Sometimes prepositional phrases will function as adjectives.

Prepositional Phrases as Adjectives

Like basic adjectives, adjective prepositional phrases modify or describe a noun. They answer the questions like "which one?" and "what kind?"; however, unlike basic adjectives which go before the noun, adjective prepositional phrases come after the noun.

NounAdjective Prepositional Phrase
SnowOn the mountains
GirlAt the water fountain
ManIn the tuxedo
Lead singerOf the band
DressWith blue polka dots
FieldOver the hill
HouseBy the beach

  • The snow on the mountains is a beautiful sight.
  • The girl at the water fountain is taking too long.
  • The man in the tuxedo is very handsome.
  • The lead singer of the band writes all of the songs.
  • The dress with blue polka dots is my favorite.
  • The field over the hill is empty.
  • The house by the beach belongs to my grandparents.

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