#91 - Prepositional Phrases #1 - English Grammar

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Prepositional Phrases #1

Prepositional phrases consist of two basic parts: the preposition and the object. The object can be a noun, pronoun, or gerund. In prepositional phrases, prepositions are almost always followed by an object.

Prepositional Phrases

PrepositionObjectPrepositional Phrase
OnThe deskOn the desk
OnThe phoneOn the phone
AtThe parkAt the park
AtThe stadiumAt the stadium
InThe morningIn the morning
InThe carIn the car
OfThe bookOf the book
OfMy familyOf my family
ToThe theaterTo the theater
ToThe roofTo the roof
ForYour birthdayFor your birthday
ForMany yearsFor many years
WithFrench friesWith French fries
WithAn accentWith an accent
OverThe moonOver the moon
OverAn hourOver an hour
ByThe bankBy the bank
ByThe mailmanBy the mailman

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