#96 - Pre-determiners - Such, What, Rather, or Quite - English Grammar

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Pre-determiners - Such, What, Rather, or Quite

Pre-determiners are normally used before an indefinite article. Typical sentence is composed of "pre-determiner + indefinite article + adjective + noun". They are used to express emotions.

Pre-determiners - Such or What

"Such" and "what" are used to express surprise or extreme emotions.
  • She is such a wonderful woman.
  • I had such a great time with you.
  • He is such a disappointment.
  • What a beautiful day!
  • What a fabulous show!
  • What a strange person.

Pre-determiners - Rather or Quite

"Rather" and "quite" are used to express a certain degree of quality or other emotions to a certain degree. "Rather" and "quite" are used when expressing not very extreme emotions.
  • This is rather a small house.
  • She is rather a nice woman.
  • It is rather a warm day.
  • I've had quite a bad evening.
  • It was quite a nice surprise.
  • She had quite an interesting experience.

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