#41 - Possessive Nouns #2 - English Grammar

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Possessive Nouns #2

Possessive nouns are used to show ownership or possession. Ownership is the act of owning or having something.

If two people own one thing, add the apostrophe (') and "s" to the second person only.
  • John and Mary's house
  • David and Sue's wedding
  • Tom and Doug's car
  • Linda and David's boat
  • Sam and Ben's tools
  • Sophie and Audrey's dog
  • Bob and Lilly's cat
  • Emma and Julie's fish
  • Cole and Jay's computer
  • Joe and Phil's hometown

If two people own separate things, add the apostrophe (') and s for each person.
  • Susan's and Beth's books
  • Jean's and Dan's pants
  • Ben's and Jim's offices
  • Dan's and Phil's apartments
  • Joey's and Monica's cars
  • Victor's and Jeff's shoes
  • Walter's and Brenda's rings
  • Crystal's and Paul's pets
  • Alan's and Kevin's video games
  • Catherine's and Holly's bikes

If a plural noun does not end in "s", add an apostrophe (') and "s".
  • Children's toys
  • Women's restroom
  • Men's fitting room
  • Mice's hole
  • Geese's formation
  • Fish's tank
  • People's ideas
  • Deer's antlers

If a singular noun ends in "-s", add an apostrophe (') and "s".
  • Bus's seats
  • Dress's hem
  • James's keys
  • Thomas's house
  • Charles's car

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