#106 - Phrase: Nouns Followed by Infinitives - English Grammar

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Phrase: Nouns Followed by Infinitives

Nouns Followed by Infinitives

AttemptTo hide
ChanceTo improve
DecisionTo go
DesireTo control
DreamTo start
OpportunityTo live
PermissionTo enter
PlanTo graduate
ReminderTo lock
WishTo have
WayTo control

  • His attempt to hide the evidence failed.
  • This is your last chance to improve your grades.
  • It was her decision to go to the party.
  • His desire to control everything is scary.
  • It is his dream to start a business.
  • The opportunity to live overseas is exciting.
  • You need permission to enter this area.
  • His plan to graduate in three years is impressive.
  • She needs a reminder to lock the door.
  • There is no reason to be late.

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