#25 - Linking Verbs - English Grammar

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Linking Verbs

Linking verbs are verbs that connect the subject of the sentence to adjectives or nouns that describe it. They are words that show the state of being. The most common linking verbs are the "be" verbs. Please refer to "be" verbs to learn how to use "am", "is", "are".

Linking verbs are not action verbs. They are used to link the subject of the sentence to the word that is describing it. However, some linking verbs look like action words. Examples of linking verbs and action verbs are in the table below.

Common Linking Verbs
  • Am/is/are
  • Seem
  • Look
  • Feel
  • Sound
  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Appear

Example sentences using linking verbs
  • I am Korean.
  • Samuel is tall.
  • We are students.
  • Paul seems angry.
  • Anna looks upset.
  • The blanket feels soft.
  • The choir students sound ready.
  • The soup tastes good.
  • The laundry smells bad.
  • The dog appears happy to be home.

Linking VerbsAction Verbs
Anna looks happy.Anna looks through a telescope.
The bed feels soft.Tom feels the fabric.
The music sounds good.The security guard sounds the alarm.
The cookie tastes delicious.The chef tastes the soup.
The trash smells bad.I smell chocolate chip cookies.
The dog appears sad.The dog appears in the window.

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