#21 - Indefinite Articles #2 - English Grammar

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Indefinite Articles #2

Indefinite articles (a, an) can also be used to describe one single object or a unit of measurement or time. "A" or "an" can be used in place of the number one.

Indefinite Articles - one single object
  • She is buying an orange and two plums.
  • I saw a bear and two lions at the zoo.
  • Would you like a lump of sugar or two?
  • I have a sister and three brothers.
  • John is eating a hamburger and French fries for lunch.
  • Sally is making cookies and an apple pie for dessert.

Indefinite Articles - unit of measurement or time
  • He drinks a gallon of milk every day.
  • I run a mile every morning.
  • It will only take a minute.
  • The farmer is carrying a basket of apples.
  • Can I borrow a cup of sugar?
  • I will be there in an hour.

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