#64 - Go + Gerunds - English Grammar

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Go + Gerunds

"Go" is most often used with an activity that is in gerund form. "Go" is in the present tense. The past tense for "go" is "went".

Go + Gerunds - Present Tense
  • I like to go swimming.
  • I want to go camping.
  • I have to go shopping.
  • I prefer to go hiking.
  • I asked to go fishing.
  • Let's go skiing.

Go + Gerunds - Past Tense

Go in the present tenseGo in the past tense
I go swimming every morning.I went swimming this morning.
I go jogging in the afternoon.I went jogging this afternoon.
I go camping with my family.I went camping last weekend.
I go shopping every Saturday.I went shopping yesterday.
I go hiking alone.I went hiking alone.
I go fishing at the lake.I went fishing at the lake.

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