#111 - Phrase: Expressions Followed by Verb + ing - English Grammar

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Phrase: Expressions Followed by Verb + ing

Expressions are a group of words that have a particular meaning or convey a particular situation. When you add a verb ending in "-ing" after an expression, the sentence provides details about what is happening, happened, or will happen.

Common Expressions
  • To have a difficult time
  • To have a hard time
  • To have a problem
  • To have a good time
  • To have fun
  • To waste time
  • To spend time

Expressions Followed by Verb + ing

To have a difficult timeUnderstanding
To have a hard timeCommunicating
To have a problemNegotiating
To have a good timeSwimming
To have funPlaying
To waste timeLooking
To spend timeWorking

  • She had a difficult time understanding the math problem. (Past)
  • He is having a hard time communicating with the foreign exchange student. (Now)
  • They will have problems negotiating the deal. (Future)
  • The kids had a good time swimming in the pool. (Past)
  • We are having fun playing softball. (Now)
  • He wasted time looking for a good deal. (Past)
  • He will spend time working on his cars this weekend. (Future)

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