#86 - Direct and Indirect Speech � Time and Place Changes - English Grammar

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Direct and Indirect Speech � Time and Place Changes

Direct speech and indirect speech are ways people express how something was said. Direct speech also called quoted speech is said exactly how the speaker initially spoke the words. Indirect speech also called reported speech is reported back not using the exact words as the original speaker.

Changing Time and Place References

Time and place can often change when going from direct to indirect speech. When reporting something at a different time, the time word needs to be changed. When reporting something from a different location, the place word needs to be changed.

Direct SpeechIndirect Speech
"I went to the park today," he said.He said that he had gone to the park that day.
She said, "I saw her yesterday."She said that she had seen her the day before.
Kevin said, "I have a doctor's appointment next week."Kevin said that he had a doctor's appointment the following week."
"I was in Hawaii last month," Jane told me.Jane told me she had been in Hawaii the previous month.
"We had lunch a week ago," she said.She said they had lunch a week before.
John said, "I live in this house."John said that he lived in that house.
Stacy said, "I work here."Stacy said she worked there.

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