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Direct and Indirect Speech � Reporting Verbs

Direct speech and indirect speech are ways people express how something was said. Direct speech also called quoted speech is said exactly how the speaker initially spoke the words. Indirect speech also called reported speech is reported back not using the exact words as the original speaker.

Reporting Verbs

Along with "say (said)", "tell (told)", and "ask (asked)", there are many other verbs that can be used to report what someone said. These are some of the most commonly used reporting verbs.

The format for these commonly-used reporting verbs is "reporting verb + infinitive (to + verb)".
  • Advise (advised) - to suggest what should be done in a certain situation
  • Beg (begged) - to ask or state in a serious or desperate way for something needed or wanted
  • Demand (demanded) - to say or ask in a strong way
  • Hope (hoped) - to want or desire something to happen
  • Offer (offered) - to say you are willing to do something
  • Order (ordered) - to tell someone what to do in a commanding way
  • Promise (promised) - to make a strong statement saying that you will or will not do something
  • Swear (swore) - to make a strong promise to do or not do something

The format for these commonly used reporting verbs is "reporting verb + that + clause".
  • Answer (answered) - to give a reaction to a question
  • Claim (claimed) - to say that something is true
  • Command (commanded) - to give an order or show control over people
  • Comment (commented) - to give an opinion or explanation about something
  • Complain (complained) - to say that you are not happy about something
  • Consider (considered) - to think about
  • Declare (declared) - to say something in a strong and confident manner
  • Demand (demanded) - to say or ask in a strong way
  • Explain (explained) - to make something more clear or understandable
  • Guarantee (guaranteed) - to promise something or to make sure something happens
  • Propose (proposed) - to suggest an idea or plan
  • Repeat (repeated) - to say or do again
  • Reply (replied) - to answer a question or statement
  • Report (reported) - to tell about something you have seen or done
  • State (stated) - to express something with words
  • Suggest (suggested) - to give an idea or advice for people to think about
  • Threaten (threatened) - to say that you will harm or do something bad to someone
  • Warn (warned) - to tell someone about a danger or a bad thing that might happen
  • Wish (wished) - to want something or to want something to happen

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