#48 - Determiners of Difference - English Grammar

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Determiners of Difference

The determiners "another" and "other" are used to refer to something that is different or in addition to. They are used before a noun.

Determiner - Another

"Another" is used before a singular countable noun. It means one more, an extra, or an additional something. It also means a different or alternative something.
  • May I have another slice of pie?
  • I would love another cup of coffee.
  • Do you have another fork?
  • I'm going to have another serving.
  • We are getting another dog.
  • He has another car.
  • I want to pick another color.
  • I have another question.
  • Can I try another flavor?
  • Let's go another day.

Determiner - Other

"Other" is used before a plural countable nouns and uncountable nouns.
  • Please try our other pies.
  • Have you read her other books?
  • I have other customers to help.
  • There are other stores to visit.
  • Are other people coming to the party?
  • Let's look for other furniture.
  • Are there other opportunities?
  • Do you have other shoes?

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