#10 - Definite Articles #1 - English Grammar

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Definite Articles #1

The words "a", "an", and "the" are special adjectives called articles. Articles define nouns as either specific or unspecific. "The" is a definite article. Definite articles are used to refer to a specific noun or a noun that has been previously specified. They can be used before singular, plural, countable, and uncountable nouns. "The" is used before words that start with consonants or vowels. It does not matter what letter the word starts with.

Definite Articles - singular and plural nouns

Singular NounsPlural Nouns
  • Please close the door.
  • I am going to the store today.
  • The bird landed on the roof.
  • Dinner is on the table.
  • The apples are sweet.
  • The customers are getting impatient.
  • Who ate all of the donuts?
  • The flowers are beautiful.

Definite Articles - countable and uncountable nouns

Countable NounsUncountable Nouns
  • Who moved the chairs?
  • The computer is broken.
  • The bottle is empty.
  • The balloon is deflating.
  • The water is cold.
  • The meat is tough.
  • Smoke filled the air.
  • The wood is burning.

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