#75 - Correlative Conjunctions - English Grammar

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Correlative Conjunctions

A conjunction joins words or groups of words in a sentence.

Correlative Conjunctions

Used in pairs to indicate a relationship between two elements in a sentence: both/and, either/or, neither/nor, not only/but also.
  • She is both happy and excited about her new job.
  • She won gold medals from both the single and group races.
  • Both TV and television are correct words.
  • You can have either coffee or tea with your breakfast.
  • I am fine with either Monday or Wednesday.
  • You can have either apples or pears.
  • She likes neither soccer nor baseball.
  • He enjoys neither drinking nor gambling.
  • Neither you nor I will get off early today.
  • I am not only hungry, but also very thirsty.
  • Not only red but also green looks good on you.
  • She got the perfect score in not only English but also math.

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