#23 - Coordinating Conjunctions #2 - English Grammar

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Coordinating Conjunctions #2

A conjunction joins words or groups of words in a sentence.

Coordinating Conjunctions

Connects words, phrases, or clauses that are independent or equal using so/for/yet. Use "so" to illustrate a result of the first part of the sentence. "For" can be used in place of the word "because". Use "yet" to indicate a contrast with something.
  • This song has been very popular, so I downloaded it.
  • My friend is moving, so I'm going to help him pack.
  • My co-worker was not doing her job, so she was fired.
  • I want to go there again, for it was a wonderful trip.
  • He wants to buy the item, for it is not easy to find in stores.
  • She took the bus, for it is cheaper than taking a taxi.
  • He performed very well, yet he didn't make the final cut.
  • He worked hard on his project, yet he still came in second place.
  • He is eighty years old, yet he exercises regularly.

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