#68 - Continuous Conditionals #3 - English Grammar

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Continuous Conditionals #3

Continuous Conditionals are used in hypothetical or imaginary situations. They express what would have happened or would be happening if something were happening in the present, past, or future.

Continuous Conditionals - Future Unreal Conditionals + Continuous

Future unreal conditionals + continuous make hypothetical statements if something were to happen in the future, what would or may happen because of that.

If + were + present participleWould + be

If + past tenseWould + be + present participle

  • If I were taking that class next year, I would be very busy with homework.
  • If she were giving a presentation next week, she would be very nervous.
  • If he were taking his ex-girlfriend to the dance, he would be so unhappy.
  • If I were able to go to the airport this evening, I would be waiting at the luggage area.
  • If she were able her parents in Italy this summer, they would be planning many sightseeing trips.
  • If he joined us for dinner after work, he would probably be looking at his phone.

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