#67 - Continuous Conditionals #2 - English Grammar

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Continuous Conditionals #2

Continuous conditionals are used in hypothetical or imaginary situations. They express what would have happened or would be happening if something were happening in the present, past, or future.

Continuous Conditionals - Past Unreal Conditionals + Continuous

Past unreal conditionals + continuous make hypothetical statements about what was happening at a specific time in the past and what you would have done about it.

If + had been + present participleWould have + past tense

If + had + past tenseWould have been + present participle

  • If I had been taking notes in class this whole time, I would have passed the test.
  • If she had been sitting in that chair this morning, she would have gotten hurt.
  • If he had been playing in the game last night, we would not have lost.
  • If she had missed her curfew, her parents would have been lecturing her for hours.
  • If he had finished his project, he would have been celebrating with the rest of his co-workers.
  • If I had told him about the accident last night, he would have been worrying all night.

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