#66 - Continuous Conditionals #1 - English Grammar

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Continuous Conditionals #1

Continuous conditionals are used in hypothetical or imaginary situations. They express what would have happened or would be happening if something were happening in the present, past, or future.

Continuous Conditionals - Present Unreal Conditionals + Continuous

Present unreal conditionals + continuous make hypothetical statements about what could be happening right now and what you would be doing about it.

If + were + present participleWould be + verb
Would be + verbIf + were + present participle

Would be + present participleIf + were + verb
If + were + verbWould be + present participle

  • If I were waiting at the doctor's office, I would be late for work.
  • If it were raining, I would take the bus to work.
  • I would not go to the party if Grace were joining.
  • If I were in New York, I would be visiting Time Square.
  • If my grandmother were still alive, she would be knitting in that chair.
  • Sharon would be watching TV if she were home alone.

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