#7 - Comma (,) - English Grammar

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Comma (,)

Punctuation is a mark that makes a meaning of a sentence clear. One of the most common punctuation marks is the comma. A comma (,) is used within a sentence. It is used to separate parts of a sentence. It is also used when listing words.

Comma Used to Separate Clauses

A comma is used to separate clauses. Commas are often used in sentences that have coordinating conjunctions.
  • My friend is moving, so I'm going to help him pack.
  • I want to see a movie, but I'm very tired.
  • Unless you have a valid driver's license, you cannot rent a car.
  • After I leave the house, my dog jumps on the bed.

Comma Used to List Series of Words

A comma is used when listing a series of words adjectives, nouns, and verbs.
  • He is young, smart, and handsome.
  • I need to buy bread, potatoes, cheese, and carrots at the store.
  • The ballerina leaped, twirled, and landed on the ground perfectly.

Comma Used to Separate Clauses

Commas are used to separate nonrestrictive appositive nouns. A nonrestrictive appositive noun is separated by a comma or placed in between two commas.
  • My mom, Linda, is a chef.
  • I am meeting with the school principal, Mr. James.
  • Buddy, the Scottish terrier, is scared of cats.

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