#122 - Appositives #1 - English Grammar

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Appositives #1

Appositives are nouns or phrases that further describe the noun right next to it. Appositive nouns can be either restrictive or nonrestrictive.

Restrictive Appositive Nouns

A restrictive appositive noun provides additional information for the noun it is describing. Without a restrictive appositive noun, the sentence will appear to be missing important information.
Commas are not necessary when adding a restrictive appositive noun.
  • My friend's dog Charlie bites people.
  • The store clerk Sally is nice to customers.
  • My friend Joe is graduating from college.
  • My brother Jeff is not married.
  • Our co-worker Janet works very hard.
  • The famous painter Pablo Picasso is my favorite artist.

Nonrestrictive Appositive Nouns

A nonrestrictive appositive noun gives additional information for the noun it is referring to. However, it is not necessary for the sentence to be clear. A nonrestrictive appositive noun is separated by a comma or placed in between two commas.
  • My mom, Linda, is a chef.
  • I am meeting with the school principal, Mr. James.
  • Buddy, the Scottish terrier, is scared of cats.
  • Dr. Wells, a Harvard graduate, is my daughter's pediatrician.
  • The Labrador Retriever, my favorite dog, is a great family pet.
  • She is having lunch with her mother-in-law, Terri.

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