#77 - Adverbs of Place - English Grammar

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Adverbs of Place

Adverbs of place indicate where something happened or happens. They are usually placed after the main verb. Although adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, adverbs of place do not modify adjectives or other adverbs. They describe the location of where the action word is taking place.

Adverbs of Place - Directional
  • The elevator is going up.
  • Please sit down.
  • I'll be right over.
  • The swimmer went under.
  • We are heading north.
  • They are heading south.
  • Go east.
  • Head west.

Adverbs of Place - Distance
  • They traveled far to get here.
  • The airport is near.
  • My apartment is nearby.
  • They live far away from us.

Adverbs of Place - Position
  • The music is from above
  • The other runners are way behind.
  • The noise is coming from below.
  • I looked around but I couldn't find my keys.
  • Let's go inside.
  • They are playing outside.
  • Please bring it here.
  • Put the table there.
  • I'm going back to the store.

Adverbs of Place - No specific location or direction

These adverbs of time indicate no specific location or direction. The word ends in "where".
  • I want to go somewhere warm.
  • They have nowhere to go.
  • I see these ribbons everywhere.
  • I'm not picky. I can go anywhere for dinner.

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