#39 - Adverb - Too - English Grammar

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Adverb - Too

"Too" is an adverb that has two different meanings. "Too" is similar to "also". They are both used to indicate in "addition to" or "to be in the same manner". However, their placements in sentences are different. "Too" is also used before an adjective to give the word a more extreme meaning.

Adverb - "Too" as "in addition to" or "to be in the same manner"

"Too" is similar to "also". It is used to indicate the meaning of "in addition to" or "to be in the same manner". "Too" usually comes at the end of the sentence or clause.
  • Noah is hungry. I am hungry too.
  • Do you agree too? Yes, I agree.
  • I am angry about the situation. We are angry about the situation too.
  • They are going to Disneyland. I want to go too.
  • They saw a shooting star. I saw it too.
  • I like country music. I like jazz too.
  • I ate a sandwich for lunch. I was very hungry. I ate a pizza too.
  • I play baseball. I play soccer too.

Adverb - "Too" as a "more extreme meaning"

"Too" before an adjective gives the word a more extreme meaning. "Too" is used to describe the word as being more than necessary or more than enough.
  • The car is too expensive.
  • The dog is getting too fat.
  • It is too cold outside.
  • The wall is too high to climb.
  • She is too short to be a flight attendant.
  • This shirt is too small.
  • I ate too much.

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