#38 - Adverb - Also - English Grammar

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Adverb - Also

"Also" is an adverb that has two meanings. Adverbs modify a verb, an adjective, or another adverb by telling more about a verb, adjective, or another adverb in a sentence. "Also" is used to indicate "in addition to" or "to be in the same manner".

"Also" with "Be" Verbs

In sentences with "be" verbs (is, am, are), "also" comes after the "be" verb.
  • Steve is Korean. I am also Korean.
  • Julia is mad. Her sister is also mad.
  • I am late. The other guests are also late.
  • Jason was afraid. I was also afraid.
  • Nathan is 21 years old. Chris is also 21 years old.

"Also" with Regular Verbs

With regular verbs, "also" comes before the verb.
  • I sing. I also dance.
  • She cooks. He also cooks.
  • They know your secret. We also know your secret.
  • I like pizza. I also like spaghetti.
  • Jane speaks Spanish. Jane also speaks Japanese.

"Also" with Other Types of Verbs

"Also" can be used with other types of verbs such as present participles. Present participles are verb forms that are happening right now. They are active action words and always end in "-ing". They are used with "be" verbs.
  • My brother is helping our mother. I am also helping our mother
  • Nick is jumping on the trampoline. Henry is also jumping on the trampoline.
  • Audrey is bring a pillow. She is also bringing a blanket.
  • The neighbors are flying a kite. We are also flying a kite.
  • My husband is writing a book. I am also writing a book.
  • They are protesting. They are also breaking the law.

"Also" with Other Types of Verbs

When using "also" with other types of verbs such as modal verbs, "also" comes after the modal verb. Some examples of modal verbs are can, could, must, may, might, should, and would.
  • Jill can speak French. She can also speak Chinese.
  • We could hear the loud music. Our neighbors could also hear the music.
  • I must attend the conference. Joe must also attend the conference.
  • Christine may join us for dinner. Sam may also join us for dinner.
  • It will be cloudy this weekend. It might also rain this weekend.
  • If I have to be there. They should also be there.
  • We would like some coffee. We would also like some tea.

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