#100 - Comparisons of Equivalent Quantities - English Grammar

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Comparisons of Equivalent Quantities

There are different ways to compare quantities. When you are comparing quantities that are the same, the quantity adjective depends on the type of noun that is being compared. The types of nouns are countable and uncountable nouns.

Countable Noun Comparison

Countable nouns are nouns that can be counted as one or more. To compare countable nouns, use "as many + countable noun or noun phrase + as" or "as few + countable noun or noun phrase + as" to indicate same quantities.
  • I have as many toys as Isabel.
  • Sam ate as many apples as oranges.
  • Jessica has as many shoes as her husband.
  • William has as many books as Peter.
  • This store has as few customers as that store.
  • There are as few houses in your neighborhood as mine.
  • There are as few students in this class as the other class.
  • The animal shelter has as few cats as dogs.

Uncountable Noun Comparison

Uncountable nouns are nouns that cannot be counted. To compare uncountable nouns, use "as much + uncountable noun or noun phrase + as" or "as little + uncountable noun or noun phrase + as" to indicate same quantities.
  • The restaurant serves as much milk as coffee.
  • The sequel has as much special effects as the original movie.
  • There is as much traffic in the evening as in the morning.
  • California has as much sunshine as Hawaii.
  • I drink as little coffee as Julie.
  • The recipe calls for as little sugar as vanilla extract.
  • They have as little furniture as we do.
  • Rachel has as little patience as Ross.

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