#55 - Adverb - Either - English Grammar

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Adverb - Either

"Either" is used in negative sentences. It is used to indicate agreement. "Either" usually comes at the end of the sentence or clause.

"Either" as an adverb
  • My brother does not speak Spanish. I don't speak Spanish either.
  • I don't like milk. I don't like cheese either.
  • My friends cannot attend the wedding. I cannot attend the wedding either.
  • I don't eat meat. My husband does not eat meat either.
  • My mother does not like carrots. I don't like carrots either.
  • My dad does not want a dog. My mom does not want one either.
  • He won't be late. I won't be late either.
  • My roommate does not have a computer. I don't have a computer either.

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