ESL Lesson #65 - A Talent Show

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A Talent Show


I am entering the talent show at school. It is going to be a contest. The first place winner gets a brand new computer. I am going to juggle while sitting on a unicycle. I know how to juggle really well. My grandfather taught me a few years ago. He used to juggle in the circus. My brother and sister have been very encouraging. They think I have a good chance to win. There are a lot of students entering the contest this year. They all have great skills. I hope I can impress the judges. They are the teachers at my school. I will be fine if I don't win. I just want to be part of the show. I think it will be lots of fun, but a little scary. I have never been on stage before. It will be my first time. I must start practicing soon. I will start today after school. My mother says I need to finish my homework first. She doesn't want me to fall behind on my studies. I can't wait until the show. I call my best friend, Susan. She is very supportive. She says she's going to sit in the front row and cheer for me. I am lucky to have a great family and friends.


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If you would like more vocabulary practice, go to the vocabulary flashcard page and study each word separately. After studying the vocabulary, practice speaking in the next ESL study session.

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