ESL Lesson #66 - A Special Day with Mom

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A Special Day with Mom


My mom and I went to the mall today. I needed some new school clothes. I was outgrowing my shoes and jacket. My mom said it was time to get a new wardrobe. We went to many stores. I bought several new outfits. One store had very expensive items. I didn't buy those. That department store will have an annual sale soon. My mom said to wait until that time. I think that is a good idea. I love spending time with my mom. Those moments are the best. We usually shop and have lunch. We eat and talk about everything. That is my favorite part of our shopping trip. After we eat, we usually go back to the stores. This time, we ordered dessert. We were still hungry. I had a slice of apple pie with ice cream. It was delicious. That restaurant has the best food. I tried on all of my new clothes after I got home. This was the best day. I really appreciate these new clothes. I especially love these new shoes and this new jacket.


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If you would like more vocabulary practice, go to the vocabulary flashcard page and study each word separately. After studying the vocabulary, practice speaking in the next ESL study session.

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