ESL Lesson #84 - A Power Outage

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A Power Outage


We had a power outage last night. There was a big storm and it knocked down several power lines in our neighborhood. My mother had to light some candles because it was too dark in the house. My little brother was scared. I was afraid too. We are both afraid of the dark. When I went to the bathroom, my brother went with me too. We had to carry a lantern. The trees were swaying back and forth. It was too windy outside. I thought the trees were going to fall over too. My parents did not want to risk a falling tree. So we spent the evening in the basement. It was cold downstairs, but safe for everyone. There is a bedroom and a bathroom downstairs too. We all slept there. We brought all the blankets from our beds. We grabbed blankets from the linen closet too. I tried to carry a stack of blankets, but it was too heavy for me. My brother carried the pillows. It was a slumber party with my family. The power returned in the morning. We had fun last night, but it is better to have electricity.


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