ESL Lesson #89 - An Overnight Field Trip

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An Overnight Field Trip


Our class went on an overnight field trip. We raised enough money to visit a national park. Since it was a few hours away, we stayed in a lodge by the park. Before we planned this trip, each student was required to get a parent's signature for permission. Every student was allowed to attend. Our teacher requested several chaperones. She said either parent could sign up. My mother wanted to go, but she was sick. She attended every field trip each year. My father had to work, so neither parent was able to go. I was sad about it, but I understood their situations. We had three girls and a female chaperone in my room. The boys had male chaperones on another floor. There were two sets of bunkbeds in each room. We could sleep on either top or bottom. I chose the bottom because I'm afraid of heights. I also don't like climbing up ladders. My friends know about my fear, so they didn't mind either way. In the morning, we had to get ready to ride the bus to the park. There were two bathrooms on each floor. We were allowed to use either bathroom to shower. Before we left the lodge, my teacher checked every room to make sure we didn't leave anything behind. We had a great time during this field trip. We learned a lot about the natural habitat of the park.


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If you would like more vocabulary practice, go to the vocabulary flashcard page and study each word separately. After studying the vocabulary, practice speaking in the next ESL study session.

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