ESL Lesson #67 - A Lost Dog

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A Lost Dog


We lost our dog at the park yesterday. He was on a leash. The leash was old and it ripped apart. He got loose. He was running around in the park. All of a sudden he started running towards the street. He saw a dog on the other side of the street. We ran towards him, but he kept running in the opposite direction. We lost sight of him. He disappeared so quickly. We called his name over and over again, but we couldn't find him. My dad went home and printed some signs. We put a generous reward on the sign. We put them on trees and light posts. We even passed them out to strangers on the street. It was getting dark. I was so worried. My mom and I stayed at our house in case he came home. I missed him so much. I couldn't sleep all night. He always slept on my bed. In the morning, someone called and said they saw him at the park again. The man on the phone said he didn't want the reward. He just wanted us to find our dog again. He was such a nice man. We were so thankful. My parents and I rushed to the park. Our dog was waiting at the playground. I ran towards him. This time, he ran in our direction. I was so happy! I love my dog. He is the best dog in the world. My dad bought a stronger leash at the pet store this morning. We put the leash on him, but I don't think he will run away anymore. I think he is happy to be home and on my bed.


Watch a slide show of all the vocabulary words in this lesson.

If you would like more vocabulary practice, go to the vocabulary flashcard page and study each word separately. After studying the vocabulary, practice speaking in the next ESL study session.

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