ESL Lesson #64 - A Car Accident

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A Car Accident


My grandmother was in a car accident. She was brought to the hospital in an ambulance. The nurse called my father. I could sense something was wrong. My father looked shocked. We rushed to the hospital. The doctor said she may have broken ribs. They were going to take some x-rays soon. They discovered she had several broken ribs, but no other injuries. She is a very lucky woman. She was wearing her seatbelt. The doctor said she may be in the hospital for a couple of weeks. She might be able to leave earlier. It depends on her recovery. She can move, but she is in a lot of pain. Her injuries could get worse if she is not careful. She must wear a brace until her ribs heal. A nurse told us that a police officer was waiting in the waiting area. He said somebody witnessed the accident. The witness said my grandmother caused the crash. She did not hit a car. She hit a pole. My parents don't think she can drive anymore. It is too dangerous. She might get into another accident. After she leaves the hospital, she may stay with my family while she gets physical therapy. We must take good care of her. She is very important to us.


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