ESL Lesson #76 - Camping in the Rain

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Camping in the Rain


My family and I have been trying to plan a camping trip. We are not having much luck selecting the right weekend. Every time we decide to go on a specific day, it rains. We watch the weather forecast daily, but it keeps changing. This time my dad says we are going whether or not it rains. I looked at the forecast. They are predicting rain. My mother is not very interested in sleeping in the rain. I have to agree with her. I don't think it will be fun if everything is wet and soggy. What do we do if the tent leaks? Although we all like the outdoors, my mom and I would prefer to go during dry weather. My dad really wants to go camping because he got a new tent for his birthday. He is excited to use it. He doesn't think the tent will leak because it is new. I hope we pack some umbrellas and tarp because we may need it. I hope the trip is canceled if it rains. Unless there is a snowstorm, I think we are going to go this weekend. I will cross my fingers for good luck.


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If you would like more vocabulary practice, go to the vocabulary flashcard page and study each word separately. After studying the vocabulary, practice speaking in the next ESL study session.

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