English Conversation Practice - What is Thanksgiving?

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SUE: "Hi Anne."
ANNE: "Hi Sue."
SUE: "I have a question about Thanksgiving. What does that day mean?"
ANNE: "It's an American holiday that's celebrated once a year."
SUE: "What is the date?"
ANNE: "There is no actual date. It is different every year. It is on the fourth Thursday in November."
SUE: "That's interesting. Why do Americans celebrate this day?"
ANNE: "It first started many years ago after the pilgrims settled in America. They wanted to celebrate the first harvest after settling in America."
SUE: "Oh, I see. Is there anything special Americans do on that day like fireworks on the 4th of July?"
ANNE: "We typically roast a whole turkey and make lots of other dishes like potatoes and stuffing."
SUE: "Wow! That sounds like a feast. Can your family eat all of that?"
ANNE: "We invite our relatives and celebrate this day together."
SUE: "It's like a family reunion."
ANNE: "It is! And, pumpkin pie is usually the dessert because pumpkins are in season in the Fall."
SUE: "It sounds like a nice tradition."
ANNE: "Nowadays, many people celebrate this day to give thanks for all of their blessings like family and good health."
SUE: "I like this tradition. Maybe I will roast a turkey this year. Will you teach me?"
ANNE: "Sure. I would love to. I have many great recipes I can share with you."

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