English Conversation Practice - Solar System Project

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JOE: "Hi Carol. What are you looking for?"
CAROL: "Oh hi Joe. I'm looking for some materials to make a solar system."
JOE: "A solar system?"
CAROL: "Yeah, David has a science project. He has to make a model of the solar system with the sun and the planets."
JOE: "How about some balls? They can represent the planets and the sun."
CAROL: "I was looking for some foam balls, but I can't find any in our garage."
JOE: "I might have some. Judy had to make a solar system model a few years ago. I might have some balls left over."
CAROL: "That would be great! David wants to paint them and glue them on a black poster board."
JOE: "That's what Judy did too."
CAROL: "Was Judy in Mrs. Johnson's science class?"
JOE: "Yes!"
CAROL: "She must have the students do the same project every year."
JOE: "It's a great project. We had a fun time doing it together."
CAROL: "Are there eight or nine planets now? When I was a child, Pluto was a planet. But it's not considered a major planet anymore."
JOE: "I know. I think scientists are still debating that issue. David should ask his teacher."
CAROL: "Good idea."
JOE: "Let me go look for the balls. I think I still have her model in the garage too. I'll be right back."
CAROL: "Thank you! I'll keep looking in my garage too."

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