English Conversation Practice - Memorial Day

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SAM: "I'm so glad there is no school on Monday."
BILLY: "Me too! But, why do we have that day off?"
SAM: "You don't know?"
BILLY: "No. Why, Sam?"
SAM: "It's Memorial Day. This is the day we remember the people who died serving in the United States military."
BILLY: "Wow! I didn't know that."
SAM: "It's an important day. It's not just a day off from school and work."
BILLY: "I see. Is it always in May?"
SAM: "Yeah. It's always observed on the last Monday in May."
BILLY: "I just thought it was another day off from school. I'm glad to know what this day means now."
SAM: "It's really important in our family. My grandfather and great grandfather both served in the United States army. They both died serving this country."
BILLY: "Do you do anything special on this day?"
SAM: "Each year my family and I go to the cemetery and place flowers on their graves."
BILLY: "I've never been to a cemetery before. Is it scary?"
SAM: "No. We go every year, so it's not scary anymore."
BILLY: "Do all schools close on this day."
SAM: "I think so. But only in the United States. It's an American holiday. Some businesses like post offices and banks close too."
BILLY: "Thanks for telling me what Memorial Day means. I'm going to go home and ask my brother if he knows."

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