English Conversation Practice - Going to the Zoo

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GREG: "Hey Steve. My family and I want to do something fun this weekend? Do you have any suggestions?"
STEVE: "The weather is going to be nice. You should do something outdoors."
GREG: "Yeah, it's supposed to be sunny all weekend."
STEVE: "How about a picnic at the park?"
GREG: "We do that often. I want to do something more fun."
STEVE: "How about the city zoo? I heard that bear cubs were recently born there."
GREG: "That's a good idea. We haven't been to the zoo in a long time."
STEVE: "Then you should definitely go this weekend."
GREG: "The last time we were there, it started raining. None of the animals wanted to come out."
STEVE: "That must've been boring."
GREG: "It was boring. The kids wanted to go home early."
STEVE: "The animals should be more visible since the weather is going to be sunny this weekend."
GREG: "Yeah. I think we will go to the zoo. Hopefully, this time it'll be more fun."
STEVE: "Actually, I have four tickets to the zoo. You can have them. Our family won't be able to go. The tickets expire this weekend."
GREG: "Thanks, Steve! Let me pay you for them. Zoo tickets are expensive."
STEVE: "Don't worry about it. It's my gift to you since your last visit was not fun."
GREG: "Are you sure! This is very generous of you."
STEVE: "Also, you mowed my lawn a few times after I had back surgery last year. I really appreciated that."
GREG: "I'm glad we're neighbors."

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