English Conversation Practice - Going to the Amusement Park

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NANCY: "Hi Sheila. Have you been to the new amusement park yet?"
SHEILA: "No. When did it open?"
NANCY: "Last weekend."
SHEILA: "Was it crowded?"
NANCY: "It was very crowded. Parking is terrible too."
SHEILA: "Did you have fun?"
NANCY: "Oh yes! The roller coasters are really fun. My kids had a great time. It was even fun for the adults too."
SHEILA: "I didn't know it was open yet. I will have to take my son soon."
NANCY: "You should. They will love it."
SHEILA: "Are the tickets expensive?"
NANCY: "Yeah, they're pretty expensive. But your family will enjoy it."
SHEILA: "Maybe we'll go this weekend. We don't have any plans on Saturday. My son has been asking about it."
NANCY: "If you go on Saturday, try to go early. There aren't enough parking spots. They need to add more."
SHEILA: "Ok. That's good to know. Do you have any other tips?"
NANCY: "The lines for the rides are very long, so be patient."
SHEILA: "Ok. I assumed that. Now I have to convince my husband to go."
NANCY: "He doesn't like amusement parks?"
SHEILA: "No. I have motion sickness, so I can't ride any of the roller coasters. That means my husband has to ride all of them with our son."
NANCY: "Tell him to be prepared. There are a lot of roller coasters."

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