English Conversation Practice - Getting a Cell Phone

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RUTH: "I think I am finally going to get a cell phone."
CAROL: "You don't have a cell phone?"
RUTH: "No. I didn't think it was necessary, but now I think I should get one."
CAROL: "What made you decide to get one now?"
RUTH: "My car broke down in the middle of the road last night and I had to walk to the nearest pay phone to call a friend. It was scary walking alone at night."
CAROL: "Yeah, cell phones are very convenient. Do you know what kind you want to get?"
RUTH: "Just a basic one. I don't need anything fancy."
CAROL: "Do you want a smartphone?"
RUTH: "What is that?"
CAROL: "You don't know what a smartphone is?"
RUTH: "No. Can you explain it to me?"
CAROL: "A smartphone is a cell phone that also has computer features. You have e-mail and Internet access."
RUTH: "I don't need those things. I don't even have an e-mail address."
CAROL: "You don't have an e-mail address?"
RUTH: "No."
CAROL: "Then how do you send written communication to other people?"
RUTH: "I write and mail letters."
CAROL: "Wow! That's amazing! People don't mail letters anymore."
RUTH: "But I think I will get a cell phone, just in case of an emergency."
CAROL: "That's a good idea! Welcome to modern technology, Ruth!"

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