English Conversation Practice - Forest Fire

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MARY: "I just spoke with my mom. She and my dad are devastated. The fire is moving closer to their home."
BOB: "What can they do?"
MARY: "The firefighters say there is nothing they can do at this point. They have to evacuate immediately."
BOB: "That's horrible."
MARY: "I know. I wish I could help them, but we live in another state."
BOB: "Where are they going to stay tonight?"
MARY: "They're going to stay with my sister until they find another place to live."
BOB: "Why don't they stay with us, too? They can come here after things settle down."
MARY: "That might be a good idea. Maybe being away from there will help them forget about all of this."
BOB: "Well, they will never forget. But hopefully, they will be able to move on."
MARY: "Bob, I'm so sad. That was my childhood home. I have so many memories of that place."
BOB: "I'm sorry. I know this must be very difficult for you and your parents."
MARY: "Thanks. My sister too. She and I grew up in that house. My parents lived there for forty years."
BOB: "I can't believe a wildfire can destroy everything so quickly. It's just terrible."
MARY: "They're going to lose everything. The firefighters gave them only a few hours to pack."
BOB: "Is anyone helping them pack?"
MARY: "Yeah, my sister is with them. She's going to call me later tonight."

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