English Conversation Practice - Buying a Dishwasher

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KATE: "Do you know where I can buy a new dishwasher?"
DIANE: "I think the home improvement store is having a big sale this weekend. Is your dishwasher broken?"
KATE: "Yeah. I need to replace it."
DIANE: "Have you tried to repair it?"
KATE: "Yeah, we called a repairman yesterday. He said that it would cost more to repair than to replace it."
DIANE: "Wow. At least he was honest about it."
KATE: "I know. I appreciated that. We really can't afford to buy a new one right now. We just had a baby a couple of months ago. But I really need one."
DIANE: "That's right. You had a baby not too long ago. Why don't you buy a used one?"
KATE: "Where can I get a used one that's in good condition?"
DIANE: "I actually have a friend who is selling hers. She said there isn't anything wrong with her current one. She just wants a different color. Her current one is white."
KATE: "I don't care what color it is. I just want one that works well. Do you know how much it is?"
DIANE: "I don't know. Let me call her right now."
KATE: "Thanks. I'll talk to my husband too. He may not want a used one. He's a little picky about appliances."
DIANE: "Ok. Let me know if he's interested."

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